What We’re Working On

Your Local 3313 representatives remain busy representing employee interests. Much of our time is spent advising and helping individuals who have concerns and may have grievances. We answer questions, help resolve issues with supervisors, advise employees of their rights and options.

Participating in contract negotiations. These cover all kinds of matters from travel to performance appraisals. We work with other DOT AFGE representatives to protect your interests.

Working on a major Career Ladder Promotion Cases that is set for arbitration on April 23-25, 2013. It affects 4 NHTSA employees (all women); but has the ramifications of effecting hundreds of employees in DOT.

We are committed to partnering and negotiating with agency management on behalf of bargaining unit employees to resolve issues at the lowest possible level. We also strive to assure that our bargaining unit employees are aware of their rights and stay informed on issues, including the most critical one they’re facing today—potential furloughs due to Sequestration (Federal budget cuts).

Finally, we are working on ways to minimize any impact that potential furloughs may have on employees.